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Michael Gettys on The Final Out


Gainesville High School outfielder and potential first rounder Michael Gettys was on The Final Out today for a short interview. And when I say short, I mean short. What was supposed to be a 30 minute interview took about 16 minutes. He was very straightforward with his responses, and although he did sound uncomfortable, I think he handled it well.

For the record, if I sounded too intense and/or annoyed, I apologize. I originally had an interview with Delino DeShields Jr. scheduled for Monday which had to be canceled because he failed to call in. No explanation was given. So I’m obviously still a little irritated by that. Also, you’ll hear me complain about the snow early in the podcast. Yeah, it’s snowing up here again. 8-16″ of frosty white hell. Kill. Me. Now.


Apparently, however, there were some audio issues on his end. If that’s true, then I’ve really got a bone to pick with Blog Talk Radio.

You can listen to the podcast here:



LSU Tigers Pitcher Zac Person on The Final Out


You may notice when you first enter the site that there is a new badge appearing on the right hand corner. That badge indicates that your readership has made Minor League Madhouse one of 2013 top 100 MLB Fan blogs (#29, to be precise). Thank you very much.

Moving on from that, I did promise that there was going to be a podcast from The Final Out, and so, without further delay, here it is. The subject of this interview is LSU pitcher Zac Person, a recent JuCo transfer who figures to be a key part of the Tiger bullpen, or perhaps the starting rotation. Here his thoughts on the SEC, his pitching, and on LSU sports right here, 



Mets prospect Michael Fulmer on The Final Out.

Mets prospect Michael Fulmer on The Final Out.

Just five days prior to the Pilot post of P2P, I recorded a podcast for my (now) affiliated radio show, The Final Out. The show in question was an interview with Mets pitching prospect Michael Fulmer, who had generously accepted the request to be my first radio guest. Granted, it was slightly choppy, but give me a break, this was my first show, and obviously, I was going to have some jitters before a major interview. Fulmer was very cordial, offering me insight into the baseball life, and who he was as a player. He and I also were able to discuss a twitter movement that he had started in response to an interesting moment he experienced on his way to Port St. Lucie. Forgive the quality of the show as well, I did feel the need to shout so that it didn’t come out as mumbling.