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Pilot Post


Have you ever noticed how almost all tv series start out with their first episode called “Pilot”? I mean, it’s just called “Pilot”, nothing else. This can be especially frustrating for fans of certain shows, like “The Big Bang Theory”


which, with the exception of the pilot, has a common theme with their episode titles. But I digress.

If you have come across this site, then either you are a huge fan of baseball prospects, like I am, or you got here by mistake, (although I cannot possibly imagine what you could possibly be looking for that has any similarity to prospects2pros, nor do I wish to think about it.)

The goal of Prospects2Pros is to chronicle the future of Major League baseball. The average baseball career lasts just a little over five and a half years, at least that what was recorded in the last study done by the New York Times, a good six years ago. The career of a baseball player can be looked at like a bell curve. At first, the player needs to earn his spot on the roster, and if he turns out to be good, he is practically assured a spot on the club by the end of Spring Training. But as the years wane, and after a player peaks, the curve goes back down, and once again, said player is going to have to fight for his spot again. And often, it comes down to him and a hotshot prospect. 

How do you think Justin Verlander displaced Jeremy Bonderman as the ace of the Detroit Tigers staff? Was Chipper Jones always the starting third baseman in Atlanta, or did he displace someone, who, like him, was once a hyped young talent? Where do these hot new names come from, and why are they so more appealing then our current assemblage of ballplayers?

As I have stated before, if you have any questions similar to these, then I can be of assistance.

This blog is designed to get people more acquainted with the newest members of their team, the prospects, or as “Uncle Drew” from the Nike commercial likes to call them, “Youngbloods”


It will not just be written profiles of prospects, but also interviews (if they can be attained), bits from a radio podcast that I also do, coverage of the MLB Draft and other insights.

With that, I officially launch Prospects2Pros, the blog that is obsessively devoted to Baseball Prospects.