And Now… A Baseball Blog Contest.


Every once in a while, I’ll ask for reader participation. Whether it’s verification over something I missed, a poll, or something else, I’ll step out of my ivory tower and address the masses of those who learn about the future.

But as I perceive myself to be the master of my domain, sometimes I will need to concede my position and admit I’m human. And no, I don’t have a God complex, so don’t jump on me for talking like a snob.

Anyway, I need help. has gone through a minor facelift since January. A retooling of the top 100 prospect profiles, more podcast interviews on The Final Out, the new name, natch, the Facebook and Twitter feeds, etc. etc.

But the retool isn’t totally over yet.

I’m looking for a new slogan for the site’s banner page. Since February 2013, the slogan has been “The Blog That’s Obsessively Devoted To Baseball Prospects”. Whoop de do. Boring. Meh, lame, whatever you want to say about it, please, I’ll take, but it sure isn’t creative.

I need a new slogan, and I need it before the start of the regular season.

Readers are encouraged to submit a slogan by March 1st. That slogan can be submitted via the comments section of this post, the comments section of the Reddit link, Twitter post through @MinorLeagueMadhouse or @AlexGiobbi, or Minor League Madhouse’s Facebook page

I will pick the top 8-16 slogans on March first and run it through a bracket style post. The winner will be announced by the end of Spring Training and will be acknowledged in a future post.

Here are the rules:

Nothing inappropriate. This includes innuendo, blatant references to sexuality, politics, body parts ,etc.

No team-specific slogans. MinorLeagueMadhouse is all-inclusive. It doesn’t focus on one team.

Slogans must be related to MinorLeagueMadhouse’s content.

Realize that once you submit your slogan, you are forfeiting your right to it as your intellectual property. Although I doubt I will make any money off of it, I’m just giving you a fair warning because I don’t feel comfortable with being sued.

Anyway, good luck, and may the best slogan win.


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