Why I’m a ScoreBig fan


If you’re a fan of sports like I am, you know that tickets these days are ridiculously expensive. Try buying them at the box office, and you’ll find yourself shelling out big bucks for semi decent seats, or are in row ZZ of the upper deck.

Thankfully, online ticket resellers are here to make things easier.

One of my personal favorites is Scorebig.com, a recent startup, known for their great discount rates. These rates range from 10%-60%, and there are no extra delivery/processing fees.

Scorebig isn’t just for sports, they also offer tickets for shows and museums as well, like Madam Tussaud’s in New York City, or The Book of Mormon on Broadway.

But I haven’t even told you the best part. You can make an offer for your tickets. That’s right, imagine scoring $80 Mets tickets for as low as $25? All you have to do is type your offer in the offer box, see what the site’s acceptance rating is, and if you’re in the green, the tickets are as good as yours, as soon as you pay for them of course.

Scorebig is a very reputable company, garnering recognition from news outlets like MSNBC, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and other high level companies.

So if you got plans to go to a sporting event, a show, or a museum, and you don’t want to pay out the rear end for tickets, go ahead and try Scorebig.com.

Scorebig.com: Great Seats For Less.


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