Greg Maddux Robbed of Unanimous Election by Lazy Jackass in Los Angeles



For those of you who thought that there was going to be a player who was going to the Baseball Hall of fame by unanimous decision, you can kiss those hopes goodbye, thanks to a Dodgers beat reporter named Ken Gurnick.

Gurnick turned in his Hall of Fame ballot early, and surprised, (and probably infuriated) many when he decided to only vote for Jack Morris. His rationale:

Morris has flaws — a 3.90 ERA, for example. But he gets my vote for more than a decade of ace performance that included three 20-win seasons, Cy Young Award votes in seven seasons and Most Valuable Players votes in five. As for those who played during the period of PED use, I won’t vote for any of them.

Wow… Just…Wow… That has to be the stupidest rationale I have ever heard. First of all, where do I begin? First off, let me begin by saying that Morris is a clearly deserving candidate, and he should have an outside chance, if the ballot wasn’t so crowded. Sure, Gurnick’s right about Morris winning 20 games three times, and the MVP and Cy Young votes as well, but that’s where it stops. Gurnick mentions that he wouldn’t vote for anyone in the PED era. We can’t exactly pinpoint the PED era, but I’m pretty sure he was pitching around the time it started. In addition, Morris’ career overlaps Maddux’s by eight years, so by the logic that Maddux played the majority of his career in the steroid era, he shouldn’t be voted in? That’s like saying a person should be arrested for witnessing a crime. It just doesn’t make sense. Third, Gurnick covered the Dodgers while Maddux was on the team. Granted, his Dodger and Padre years weren’t as good as his Brave and Cub years, but still, did he even pay attention? Did he realize who Maddux was?

I get that some voters don’t use all ten of their votes, and for varying reasons, that the Hall should be considered sacred, that some of the candidates, while they had great careers, aren’t exactly legendary, that they were users, that they were DH’s, etc. etc, but Gurnick really just shot his credibility and anyone else who followed his logic in the foot. Gurnick is lazy in this case, instead of actually looking and seeing, he’s going on a Salem Witch hunt, and blacklisting those who just happened to be there. And it’s not just Maddux either that he’s cheating out of a vote, What about Tom Glavine? Craig Biggio? Frank Thomas, who never took steroids? Mike Piazza? Gurnick is scum in this case, and should be barred from voting for a long time.


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