Rookie Managers: Past and Present.

Last year, there were four rookie managers in baseball: Two were interim managers, and two were hired at the beginning of the season.

Mike Matheny was named manager of the Cardinals, taking over for the now retired Tony La Russa


Robin Ventura was named manager of the White Sox, taking over for Ozzie Guillen, who had left to manage the Miami Marlins.


Tony DeFrancesco replaced Brad Mills as the Houston Astros manager mid season, and was later replaced.



And Sandy Alomar Jr. replaced Manny Acta, only to be replaced as well.



This year, another new crop of managers has come in. In total, three new managers have entered the fold.



First is Walt Weiss of the Colorado Rockies, who took over for Jim Tracy, who resigned.



Second is Mike Redmond, who took over for Ozzie Guillen after he was fired in Jeffrey Loria’s giant salary purge.



And last is Bo Porter, who took over for Tony DeFrancesco.

While last year’s rookie manager competition was fierce, as Ventura and Matheny were neck and neck by September, only for Matheny to pull away as he brought St. Louis back to the postseason, it doesn’t look as if there’s going to be much of a competition this year, as both the Astros and Marlins seem destined to finish once again at the bottom of the barrel, while Colorado at least has a slight chance of winning their division.

Wait and see how the interim managers do.


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