Rookie Leaders: Pitchers

Tony Cingrani

With the first quarter of the season in the books, it’s time to check out which rookies are leading which statistical categories, and how this may impact their Rookie of the Year chances. We conclude this 2-part series with the pitchers.


NL: 5 (Shelby Miller, Cardinals)

AL: 3 (Nick Tepesch, Rangers)


Shelby Miller has been considered a frontline favorite for the Rookie of the Year award since September of last year, and so far, he hasn’t disappointed. With five wins under his belt, he’s on pace to win at least ten more, especially if he pulls another 1-hit shutout like he did a couple starts ago. Tepesch, who was edged out by teammate Justin Grimm for Rookie of the Month, leads the AL starters. Tepesch is also a valuable fantasy commodity, as he can be used as both a starter and reliever.


AL: 5 (Brandon Maurer, Mariners)

NL: 3 (Wily Peralta, Brewers)


It’s tough to be a rookie in the Mariners’ rotation, as Maurer, in his seven starts, has had trouble pitching good games. His ERA also has taken a massive hit, and is in the 5 level. Peralta, on the other hand, has pretty much been a break-even, and his three losses are no real cause for concern.

ERA (8 game minimum)

NL: 1.06 (Jim Henderson, Brewers)

AL: 3.60 (Joe Ortiz, Rangers)

7nke34l6hvzs4kfsonrxMLB: Texas Rangers at Houston Astros

Jim Henderson is a 30 year old rookie, and yet, he’s pitching like he’s the second coming of John Axford (The 2011 version, not the awful 2012 one). Ortiz, on the other hand, is one of the many young arms that Texas brought up to shore up their depleted bullpen. It will be interesting to see how they both end up.


NL: 23 (Scott Rice, Mets)

AL: 19 (Dane De La Rosa, Angels)


Even if they are 30, they still are rookies if they have met the rookie prerequisites. Scott Rice and Dane De La Rosa are best known for being minor league journeymen, but both have found their sports in the Majors. Rice took 14 years to make his spot, while Dane was up sporadically in 2011 and 12.

Most of the other categories are inconsequential and/or too disputed to call, except for strikeouts, which Shelby Miller and Justin Grimm lead their respective leagues in.

Based on those stats. Shelby Miller looks like a consensus favorite for NL Rookie of the Year, while Nick Tepesch and Justin Grimm could challenge Conor Gillaspie for the AL Rookie of the Year award.


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