Alex Dickerson and Jameson Taillon on The Final Out

First of all, I am completely and utterly angry with what BlogTalkRadio put me through. This was supposed to be one of the best interviews for my show, and what happens? The regular lines are down, the auxiliary lines don’t work, my feed drops not once, not twice, but three times in one show. All in all, if not for the fact that we all kept level heads, this probably would have been a complete disaster. I mean the only thing that rivaled this in terms of complete and utter breakdown is this:

Nonetheless, I would like to thank Jamie O’Rourke, Sal Baglieri, and Mike Passanisi, the people who made this double interview possible. Mike is featured in this, as he is telling me that I had to cut my Taillon interview to ten minutes. I also would like to thank Dickerson and Taillon for their patience while this whole mess was sorted out.

Here is the link, as the embedder is not working.


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