Why Roc Nation Sports is bad news, and not just for baseball.



Shawn Carter, or Jay-Z, as he’s popularly known, is a rapper, an entrepreneur, a former sports team owner, and now, a figurehead for a sports agency group. 

Roc Nation Sports, which was established this year, is a branch of Jay-Z’s entertainment agency which sponsors athletes. So far, the fledgling agency has signed three athletes, WNBA star Skylar Diggins, NFL wide receiver Victor Cruz, and Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano. Jay-Z has plans to expand his client list and is already aggressively recruiting new York Jets quarterback Geno Smith and presumptive National Hockey League first overall pick Seth Jones. 

Sports agents and agencies are usually portrayed in a negative light because of certain unscrupulous characters, like Scott Boras and Drew Rosenhaus. Unless Jay-Z has an ulterior motive to start a sports agency out of the blue, he should stick to what he does best, which is rap, represent musicians, and promote the Brooklyn Nets basketball team. 

One of the things that concerns me about Jay-Z’s new agency is its potential effects on Major League Baseball prospects. Can you imagine the next Bryce Harper teaming up with Jay-Z’s agency? First of all, the kid will have to deal with several people questioning if he’s an ego and attitude problem, and secondly, how expensive would that kid’s demands be? 

While it seems rather assured that Jay-Z will likely hold off on going after baseball prospects until some big names come through the system, it is entirely likely that Jay-Z will likely see what a big mistake he is making. On the other hand, there have been rumors that Jay-Z’s influence on Robinson Cano has made him more receptive to signing an extension with the New York Yankees. 

Roc Nation Sports has only just started, but keep an eye out for the next crop of baseball stars that could sign with Jay-Z. 


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